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Hi! I’m Melissa!

I’m a travel enthusiast with a passion for outdoor sustainable adventures with the entire family! I started traveling in my 20s for fun, but the travel bug quickly took hold and has yet to loosen its grip! Together with my daughter, I spend every moment I can exploring everything from the tallest mountains to the ocean floor. 

While experiencing the vast variety of landscapes and destinations around the globe never stops being exciting, intriguing, and just downright a necessity in my life, watching young eyes also experience these things is indescribable! 

All the while, I also wholeheartedly believe that protecting the Earth is just as important (if not more) as seeing it! There are so many simple things we can do in our everyday lives and during our travels to reduce our carbon footprints and leave the Earth a little bit healthier for future generations! 

So what are you waiting for? Join me on my journey to travel to the ends of the Earth through our tips, guides, and resources! 

Hi! I’m Olivia

I’m a fun-loving, spunky, adventurous nine-year-old! Having fun and experiencing new things is always a welcomed activity for me. I spend my school breaks and summers exploring my own backyard and traveling across the country. 

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Discover the adventure and thrills waiting for you in destinations across the globe! 

The Caribbean

Keep It Eco-Friendly!

Top Eco-Tourism Destinations Around the Globe

Before you can really commit to eco-friendly travel and protecting your dream destinations, you have to build an understanding of what eco-friendly travel is! Come learn with us and join the movement to protect and save our environment! 

Discover the countries around the world that have made eco-friendly travel and protecting the natural environment a priority! 

We always encourage you to NEVER stop traveling–but also to NEVER take advantage of the natural beauty this Earth has given us! Take in these eco-friendly travel tips and implement them on your next getaway! 

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Travel Resources For Families

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